To become the person you most want to be

Free 30 Minute Consultation

Most people contact me initially for a ‘Free 30 minute consultation’. During this informal chat, I will ask you the important question ‘What are you ready to change about yourself?’ Based on the answer to this question, I will then suggest to you a program I feel would address the issue you have identified. Usually, at this time, the first consultation will be booked.

First Consultation

At this first consultation I will take a detailed client history. This will be referred to as I develop a therapy program tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Full payment for the program will be required during this session.

Second Consultation

At the second session you will be placed into a hypnotic trance. Through positive suggestions I will speaking directly to your subconscious and begin targeting the problem you want addressed during therapy.

Follow-up Consultations

Each session will begin with a short chat discussing any progress or issues since the last session. You will then be placed into a hypnotic trance and positive suggestions made to your s subconscious to enact change.

Conclusion of Program

At this final session I will review with you the goals of the program and discuss the positive changes that have occurred.

Let me help you become the person you most want to be