Recently, a client came to see me and started to tell me about his job and how stressed he was feeling. He was feeling quite overwhelmed.

It certainly wasn’t a job he was passionate about but it provided him with enough money to have a good quality of life – a comfortable home, an expensive car, overseas holidays every year, nice possessions – but he wasn’t happy. Outwardly, to others, he was a success but within he was feeling miserable.

He knew he had to make some changes in his life but he was finding it difficult to think clearly. In many ways he felt paralysed, stuck with no way forward. All the while his levels of stress were increasing and increasing.  

Many people can perhaps identify with this. That feeling of being on a treadmill. Certainly there is the feeling of movement but there is no sense they are on the path to something worthwhile. 

Often there is a lack of purpose; a feeling of hopelessness where any desirable goals are often unobtainable. Likely, for many, it is often not possible to even formulate any goals.

Deep down my client knew what he needed to do, but he lacked a quiet space internally to focus clearly on the future he wanted for himself and family.

Utilising some mindfulness exercises, Hypnotherapy and Resource Therapy I was able to assist him find a place that offered some respite from the daily grind and from within this space he was able to define more clearly the direction he wanted his life to take.

As a therapist I don’t have a magic wand that will suddenly make everything alright, but as a therapist my job is to get a person to look past the trees to discover the forest beyond. As you read this I would ask you to consider, what forest do you need help seeing?