Not wanting to offend anyone who is not a fan of Star Wars but the latest instalment has just been released, which got me thinking about the Force which plays such an important role in these movies.

In the first Star Wars (Episode IV), the Force was described as ‘…an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us.’

When considering out own lives what forces exist that have the ability to impact upon us?

It could be at work, with friends or in intimate relationships. Often within these fields the energy is good and impacts positively upon us – it can influence in a healthy way how we interact in the world and how we perceive ourselves.

Yet, what if these forces are negative?  How would this affect us? For some this may cause stress, anxiety, confusion, depression or feel a complete sense of hopelessness perhaps.

But it’s not as simple as this. It is not just the outside forces that can create problems, there are also the forces within that can create havoc.

Issues from the past could remain dormant and yet still dramatically influence how a person sees, behaves and operates in the world.

Memories, feelings linked to experiences play their part and contribute to how a person behaves and tries to make sense of their life.

Perhaps with others they have no idea why things exist as they do. They yearn for a chance to obtain a better life and want change, but the path forward is uncertain, scary or completely hidden from view and thus they remain stuck.

So, if we concentrate on these negative forces, within and without, how can they be addressed and overcome or reduced?

I see my role as a therapist as more akin to that of a guide. I assist people to make connections, to draw forth insights, to help bring together the pieces of a puzzle so as to affect positive change.

So as I draw this post to a close, I would ask you to consider this – what force do you want apart of your life, what energy field do you want to surround you?  You may not believe it but you do have a choice.