December is often a busy time. The school year is almost over. Christmas and New Year is fast approaching.

Many young people (and also many mature age students) will get their VCE results this month and be ecstatic contemplating the courses and universities they would like to attend.

While for many others they will be bitterly disappointed by their marks and feel doors have been closely (slammed is perhaps a more apt description) and believe they have no future.

Also at his time of year, many in society will be looking forward to spending time with family and friends at Christmas and the New Year and the festivities this entails.

While for others it will a sad and depressing time. They will have no reason to be cheerful or feel the desire to celebrate. This time of year is not one of enjoyment but one of pain which they have to somehow endure. Often this may mean finding ways to distract themselves so they can cope this could include such things as alcohol, drugs or gambling.

For many this is the only strategy they have to deal with the pain, the sadness, the hurt, the anguish that is within.

So when considering the people who are doing it tough, where life is almost a burden rather than a gift many will ask what can Hypnotherapy or Resource Therapy do for me?

For the student it might be finding the resources to handle disappointment. To regroup, refocus and make constructive plans for the future. Perhaps it can also be used to help them address some of the issues that may have affected their learning – poor study habits, stress, anxiety.

And for those who carry immense pain, Hypnotherapy and Resource Therapy can be used to uncover the initial trauma and assist that part of the person to find the means to heal.

These therapies can also be utilised to target that coping behaviour – the drinking, the drug taking, the gambling for instance – so a person can find release and begin the process of moving forward with their lives.

So if you are ready for change, to embrace a happier, fulfilling future, I look forward to being able to assist you on this journey.

Let 2018 be the start of something great.